Alien spacecraft spotted over Chicago O'Hare International Airport

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    An aircraft of alien origin was spotted over Chicago O'Hare International Airport last week. It was spotted by about a dozen airport personnel, several from United Airlines. Apparently it came down below the 1900 foot cloud ceiling and hovered in a stationary position for at least a minute and perhaps as many as three minutes. The eyewitness accounts confirm a United Manager reported the object to the air traffic control tower. The control tower did not see anything on radar. The alien disk then accelerated at tremendous velocity into the clouds and left a giant wake hole in the clouds as it booked out of site.

    The FAA initially denied the incident and then later acknowledged there was an incident (after the Chicago Tribune used the freedom of information act to get the truth). The FAA used their same old lame story that it was some sort of phenomena caused by the weather pattern.

    Welcome to 2007. They are among us.

Staff Writer - 2007-01-04   

Story based on Chicago Tribune writer Jon Hilkevitch.

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