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NFL week 9 Pick of the week:


Today is my pick of the week day. after 8 weeks (7-1) I am up $743.45 on my pick of the week picks through 8 weeks, betting modest amounts. I wasn't sure what to take this week. I noticed CBS Sports is really pushing the Ravens over the Patriots, so I am going the other way. Usually whatever they are selling loses. This weeks Pick of the Week is going to be Patriots -3 at Baltimore for $43.45 (-110 line). That will leave my + bank at +$700.00 if it loses. The only good team the Ravens have beaten is Seattle and in that one their defense scored 14 of their 30 points. That is not going to happen against the Pat's. Take away Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram running the ball and the Ravens really don't have much else. Pat's will play man to man in the secondary and put a safety on Jackson. Pat's will roll. 34-13 and go to 9-0. The Patriots know that this week is one of the few in their schedule that could ruin their undefeated attempt this year in likely Tom Brady's last season (if they go 19-0). His house and his trainers house are both up for sale. This will be his last season in NE and he wants to go out in style. Good luck.

BVN had the winner again on our pick of the week for week 8. It was our two team teaser published on our main page. This improved our pick of the week record to 7-1 on the season, thus far.


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