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NFL week 8 scores:

Sunday Night Football Results:

Green Bay at Kansas City was a fun game to watch. The Packers struck quickly going up 14 zip. The Chiefs without Mahomes came back and took the halftime lead at 17-14 but in the second half the Chiefs looked winded. The Packers got a great game from Rodgers again and the Chiefs had no answer for Aaron Jones with 226 APY. Packers cover the -3.5 and move to 7-1. Chiefs fall to 5-3 and face a tough Vikings team (6-2) next week at Arrowhead. The early line has the Vikings -3. Expect that to flip to Vikings +3 or +4 if Mahomes plays. With last night's Chiefs loss he likely will be out there. If the Packers stay healthy and continue to play this well, look for the NFL bosses dream Super Bowl with the Packers in it for the 100th anniversary celebration (We think that was their plan before this season started. The officiating sure reflects that. No one gets more favorable calls than Aaron Rodgers and company).

Final Score: Packers 31 - Chiefs 24.


San Francisco was at home today against a Carolina Panthers team that had a lot of money on them today. We opted to stay off this game. The smart money was on the 49ers though. San Francisco came out super charged and totally overwhelmed the Panthers early going up 27-3. The 49ers defense again played unbelievably well. Bosa was huge with 3 sacks and a late game pick with a great return to the Panthers 3. They failed to punch it in but got a field goal off it to go up 44-13. Bosa was beast mode all day. Playing like an MVP. The defense had 7 sacks and the Panthers had no answer. Coleman was on fire for the offense and it was all Niners today with 5 rushing touchdowns. They stay undefeated, moving to 7-0. 49ers roll. Niners best start since 1990 (10-0). I would not want to be the Arizona Cardinals next week.
Final Score: 49ers 51 - Panthers 13.

Cleveland at New England started out looking like a blowout as Pat's put  up a quick 17 off Cleveland fumbles. The Cleveland Defense held tough most of the day though making Brady look average but their offense just couldn't get it done in Foxboro. Patriots improve to 8-0 with a huge game in Baltimore next week. If they can find a way to win that, undefeated is within reach.

Final: Patriots 27 - Cleveland 13.

The London England game today was Rams/Bengals. The hapless Bengals managed to keep this game interesting, if you were playing the spread. Down 14 Dalton put on a huge pair of drives late in the 4th quarter but came up snake eyes. Their last drive made it to the end zone, overturned. Rams hold and cover the -12. The Rams had to have this one. They move to 5-3. It wasn't pretty but they will take it. Bengals fall to 0-8, fighting Miami for that #1 draft pick in 2020.
Final: Rams 24 - Bengals 10

The Colts found a way again improving to 5-2 against a bad Denver team (2-6). Adam Vinatieri ended up kicking the game winner late after missing a 45 yarder in the 3rd quarter. Ho hum, boring game.
Final: Colts 15 - Denver 13.

The Jets at the Jaguars was a typical Jets game of 2019. They pretty much sucked all day, again.  Darnold threw 3 more picks today Jets drop to 1-6. The Jags did what they needed to win. They improve to 4-4.
Final: Jaguars 29 - Jets 15.

Seattle at Atlanta was a bit of a head scratcher game. Many thought the Seahawks would blow Atlanta out today as Matt Ryan was out. The Hawks managed to win but the secondary story was Schaub at QB for Atlanta. 39 of 52 for 460 yards. Only one TD though and also a pick. Seattle doesn't put up big numbers but they find a way.

Final Score: Seahawks 27 - Atlanta 20.

Down in the Big Easy, Drew Brees is back and made it look easy. That is all you need to know. The Cardinals and Murray, had no chance of covering this line.
Final Score: New Orleans 31 - Cardinals 9.

Tampa Bay at Tennessee was too close to call. Winston had 4 picks but that wasn't all his fault as the Titans defense was stout. The big play of this game was a Titans faked punt which was blocked late in the 4th quarter and returned for a go ahead Tampa TD. Then there was the whistle blowing the play dead. There are a whole bunch of angry people in Tampa Bay tonight. When is the NFL going to stop blowing early whistles on live, game changing plays?
Final Score: Titans 27 - Buccaneers 23.

Eagles at the Bills was a game that had me fooled this week. My top prognosticator, Eddie Brady, told me all week that the Eagles were going to step up big over the over-rated Bills. He was right. Eagles stay alive with a much needed win. Watch out for them as they continue to bring injured guys back. They are still our favorite to win the NFC East.
Final: Eagles 31 - Buffalo 13.

San Diego visited the Chicago Bears today and both needed a win. It was a dogfight. Bears missed a field goal as time ran out for a tough loss at home.
Final: Chargers 17 - Bears 16.

The New York Giants at The Detroit Lions was a fun game between two teams going nowhere this year. Both look to play the spoiler down the stretch, but can they?

Final score: Detroit 31 - Giants 26.


Thursday night football results:
The Vikings got their 4th straight win on Thursday night. Case Keenum kept it close in the first half, swapping field goals. Keenum went out with a phantom injury just before the half and never came back. Without him in the second half, the Vikings made it look easy.
Final score: Vikings 19 - Redskins 9.
BVN had the winner again on our pick of the week for week 8. It was our two team teaser published on our main page. This improved our pick of the week record to 7-1 on the season, thus far.


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