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 Week 7 NFL scores from Sunday's action:

Sunday Night Football was a highly hyped game, but it never lived up to its billing. The Eagles came out stumbling, bumbling and fumbling against the Dallas Cowboys 2 trick pony and rolled snake eyes. Yes their secondary is decimated. My question is, did they keep the right quarterback? For the Eagles, without the Nicholas Edward Foles magic, see you next season. This was a game the Eagles had to win in a very tough NFC. Dallas was able to scrape some of the salt from their wounds taken at home last week for a solid win.

 Final score: Dallas 37 - Eagles 10.

I watched the Ravens/Seahawks game this afternoon. Wow, the Lamar Jackson show. I never realized just how fast he is. He was at a whole new speed out there today. Jackson did to Seattle what Russell Wilson does so often, beats the opposition single handedly. The Ravens did get 2 defense scores but this game was all about clutch play from Jackson.
Final Score: Ravens 30 - Seahawks 16.

San Francisco went into Washington today with a 5-0 record. They came out 6-0. It was a mudder. Case Keenum showed us why the Vikings went with Cousins. The 49ers defense is the real deal.
Final Score: 49ers 9 - Redskins 0.

The Kyler Murray led Cardinals went into Giants stadium and got it done today. I have been on his band wagon since the beginning. I watched the Card's in the pre-season pushing around MN on both sides of the ball with all starters in there and was impressed. The Card's started slow this year but are a decent team. They just happen to be in the NFC West and that is a problem. They will be better next year. The Giants, well, I think they will be better next year too.
Final Score: Cardinals 27 - Giants 21.
The Vikings came up big today for their 3rd straight win which came against the Detroit Lions today. It was much needed for both teams. The Vikings kept from going 0-3 in the division with the win. Their last 3 division games this year are all at home so they still control their own destiny in the NFC north. Detroit needed this one bad. They hung in there until late but then the Vikes put them away thanks a 66 yard Cousins to Diggs bomb late. Cousins became the first quarterback in NFL history to have at least 300 passing yards and a passer rating of 130 or more in 3 straight games.
Final score: Vikings 42 - Lions 30.
BVN had Vikings at +6 on our published 4 team 6 pt teaser, Covered.
The Packers pretty much had their way with the Raiders all day today. Aaron Rodgers had a perfect passer rating today. Packers roll.
Final: Packers 42 - Raiders 24.
The Rams destroyed the Falcons. Prisco took Atlanta (hahaha).
Final: Rams 37 - Falcons 10.
The Colts found a way against Houston.
Final: Colts 30 - Texans 23.
Buffalo got the job done today after Miami hung close for awhile. As mentioned last week Buffalo at +17 was a tough line to accept (Buffalo averaging 18 prior to today). They beat that with 31 but the juggernaut Dolphins scored 21 (yes, that was a joke).
Final: Buffalo 31 - Miami 21.
Jaguars got a much needed win at the Bengals today. The Bengals are awful.
Final score: Jaguars 27 - Bengals 17.
New Orleans continued to roll with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm (5-0 since he replaced Breez with the hand injury). The Bears continue to regress. Looking more like a pretender than a contender.
Final score: Saints 36 - Bears 25.
Chargers going home feeling a lot like Detroit last week after that Green Bay fiasco. Chargers were down 10 with 6:53 left. They scored quick and made it 20-23. They got the ball back and had first and goal on the 1. Called a touchdown, REVERSED. 2nd and goal on the 1, called a touchdown, REVERSED. 3rd and goal from the 1 called runner down by contact, REVERSED, it is a fumble. Titans hold on.
Final score: Titans 23 - Chargers 20.
BVN had the Chargers on our published 4 team 6 pt teaser, Covered. We also had the Chiefs +2.5 and the Chargers +6 on that so 3-0 heading into Monday night results of Patriots at Jets. A Pat's win by 11 on MNF will sweep all of our picks for us this week. We have the Pat's -4 on the teaser and the Pat's -10 on our pick of the week.


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