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Betting Unit Theory at Bet Vegas Now:

See our picks broken down in value unit designations. Setting your bet amounts based on pick confidence....

Our picks we provide to you are rated with *. Ratings of 5 stars is a best bet (*****). A 1 star pick indicates the least amount of confidence that we offer (*).

Since betting amounts vary greatly, we assign stars so you can bet our picks based on your bankroll.

Here is an example of this betting strategy based on an individual who has $100.00 to bet on a given game and how much of that value to bet on that given game:
 ***** = $100.00
 **** = $80.00
*** = $60.00
** = $40.00
* = $20.00

More specific information will be added to this feed as it is published.

We will be keeping Excel spreadsheet records of our picks, which will be sortable based on ratings, winners/losers, etc. and will be published so you can check how good, or bad, we are.

All data provided on this site is real. We do not publish any false records to inflate our percentages. See for yourself and follow us.

Another thing of note is we do have current live scoreboards on a number of our pages. You can sort by a number of fields on those. Those pages load a bit slower due to the deep content in them and the live feeds. Feel to free to send feedback on the ones you like, or hate, and we will try to keep making those better.


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Our current free picks are in the right hand column of our main page. Results will be tabulated there, win or lose.

Have a great season.

Much more to come including podcasts.

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