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Bet Vegas Now's 2019 historical results that we published here:

2019-11-13 - If you never read any of my posts, read this one. This site is about making money for you. I primarily make my money off selling you picks. If you are betting with me and scaling your wagers based on what I am betting, you are making a lot of money this year. I post all of my tickets, winners and losers. I always bet small as these picks are only used for showing my results. I don't live off of them. I scale my bet amounts according to how much confidence I have in them. My teaser bets are always lower as they pay nice odds. If you look closely you will see I am totally killing the experts. I do it every year, and I have been doing it for 40 years. There is a big primary reason. I don't bet over/under spreads ever. Repeat that to yourself. I do not bet over/under spreads ever. Over/under spreads are a crap shoot. There is no predictability to them at all. People who bet them are chronic gamblers  (who lose) and guessers (who lose). The juice kills you always when taking too many over/under bets. I don't care what anyone ever tells you, to the contrary. They are wrong and I am right. You may go on a streak or think you can see a trend, but you are dead wrong. Remember this as well: Never gamble if you need to win the bet. Whenever you depend on a winner, for some cosmic reason you always seem to lose. Bet small with funds that you don't have to rely on and you will have a much greater chance to be successful. There are always exceptions but this is very sound advice. Take it.

For my $30.00 pick today, I took a real sweet 5 team parlay with a 6 point tease for $20.00 which paid $80.00 = net $60.00. Today's bet improved our profit margin on this sites picks for the season from + $819.70 to + $879.70 (betting small). If you had bet the spread on each of these 5 games you would have went 4-1 today (the teaser saved the VCU bet against LSU). The other 4 beat the spread. Way on down at the bottom of this page I will also update all of my records for ATS and picking straight winners. I am killing the clowns at CBS Sports again this year. I will also post a screenshot of that. I am the last one on the right.  The rest are the geniuses over at CBS.

Here is today's pay pick winner:

2019-11-12 - Site is going through new coding this week so not a lot of new news here as time for that has been limited. For those of you who took our pay picks today, you had a nice day. We went 2 for 2. Our pay daily picks today both hit, picking up $33.35 on our secondary wager on the Gopher game and $136.35 on our prime pick, the Michigan game. Season profit was $650.00 after our week 10 NFL loser. Today's bets improved our profit margin on the season to + $819.70. We also added secure shell access to our site and are in the process of setting up online credit card processing over the next week.

Here are today's pay pick winners:

Our pick of the week for week 10 NFL (below) was a fail. We had taken the Buccaneers at -4.5. Little did we know they would throw a pick on the very first drive which made it a tough win. The Buc's prevailed 27-24 over the Cardinals but that was little conciliation. Fortunately we went small on that bet wagering only $50.00. Season Free Pick of the Week record falls to 7-3. Net profit fell to $650.00 through week 10 NFL action.

2019-11-09 - Last week my NFL pick of the week was NE -3 at the Ravens. The Pat's got hammered by the Ravens, 37-20. My season NFL Pick of the Week record falls to 7-2 ATS. Bank status +$700.00.
This week, NFL week 10, 2019, I am taking The Buccaneers -4.5 at home against the Cardinals.
Good luck!


19-10-31 - My Free Pick of the Week for NFL Week 9, 2019 is right here

2019-10-28 - Pick of the Week results for NFL week 8 are posted below:

Our published pick was the 2 team teaser posted on 2019-10-24 (below). We liked the last half of that so much we also took that at the line of -12 and also took the Patriots for a buck as they always cover. No losers this week. Season Pick of the Week record moves to 7-1 through week 8, rolling.

2019-10-27 - Results for NFL week 8

2019-10-24 - Pick of the Week:

My pick of the week this week is a two team 7 point teaser. The Vikings and Rams should both roll over the Redskins and Bengals respectively. I opted for the 7 point teaser which does drop the odds considerably to -140 but this bet should be the lock of the season. Good Luck:

2019-10-21 - Monday Night Football results:
Reading CBS Sports today, they were really pushing the Jets covering the line, which made us feel real good about our chances on the Patriots covering the -10 or -9.5 if you got in late.
The Patriots came to play. The Jets well, they looked like the Jets. That stellar Patriot defense had 4 interceptions off Darnold and a couple big fumble recoveries go their way. One was a Jets fumble at the Jets 1 which resulted in a safety.
That was all the Patriots needed in this one sided affair.
This may be the year that the Patriots go 19-0 and the world gets their favorite wish, Tom Brady retires. That would end the GOAT discussion.
Final Score: Patriots 33 - Jets 0.

With the Patriots win tonight we covered our published four team 6 point teaser: Bet $30.00. Paid: $108.00. Net: $78.00.
The Patriots were also our pick of the week this week at -10: Covered. Bet: $110. Paid: $210.00. Net: $100.00.
If you followed my published free picks, date stamped below, at my bet levels. you had $140.00 invested and returned a profit of $178.00 this week from my free picks.

Bet Vegas Now NFL pick of the week record: 6-1.

NFL Week 7 Sunday scores


2019-10-17 - BetVegasNow free pick of the week is......

I went through all of the spreads this week and whew, it is a crap shoot. Nothing really sticks out as a sure thing. Our consensus is Patriots -10. It is a Monday Night Football game and the Patriots are on the road but....This Patriots defense is reminiscent of the 80 Bears. Patriots on offense are likely to explode, early and often. Not going huge on them but I like them. Brady knows how to cover week in and week out (sort of like betting on Alabama).

We debated on others like the Chargers +2 at the Titans. You may recall we made you money betting against the Titans last week. They were a train wreck in Denver and I don't see that ship staying afloat for long against a very hungry Chargers team who is better at almost every position. Playing in TN is going to feel like a home game to the Chargers after the Steelers turnout in LA last week. Not a blue shirt in the house. All black and gold. By the way those $60.00 Chargers tickets were selling for $228.00 last week and the Steelers fans, with their team at 1-4, bought them all. They have to be considered America's team with road turnouts like that with a 1-4 record. Amazing.

The Buffalo game is pretty intriguing at Buffalo -17 against the Dolphins. It seems awful high for a Buffalo team that has scored 90 pts in 5 games (18 PPG). But...looking at Miami, they are on pace to score the fewest points ever in a 16 game season, in the NFL. Odds Shark projects the final score as Buffalo 41.6 - Miami 1.6. That is not a misprint. They also noted there that Miami has only held a lead for 3:49 the entire season.

Other than that I am in stay away mode except for some really intriguing teaser combinations. Those are pay picks though. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, EFT and mailed checks for plan payments

Good luck this week and don't bet it all this week. This is not the week.


2019-10-16 - Man, people are still steaming about the Lions/Packers game. I have to include another great officiating moment from that game. Count the Packer players here on defense. No flag. Yep, 13 defenders and no flag. No wonder Detroit kicked 5 field goals :):


2019-10-15 - After the bloodbath bettors took last night on that Lions/Packers game, I have decided to throw you all what I feel is a pretty solid 4 team parley with a 6 pt teaser. Don't bet the house but I do suggest a small tidbit on this. Good luck:


2019-10-14 - If you watched Monday night football tonight between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, and are a fan of any NFL team in the world other than the Packers, you are well aware of the "fix" on that game. We are pulverized tonight with calls, emails and texts from everyone out there who saw the same thing we did. Lets break it down quickly. A Detroit sack to basically seal the game, then wait, there is a phantom flag, first down Packers instead of a punt. That one bad call changed the whole game. There were others like completely ignoring Packer interference and calling it the other way when there was nothing there. The Packers were favored at +3 or +3.5 and had a perfect opportunity to cover that spread for their fans so what did they do? They drive the ball down to the 1 yard line with a minute and a half left in the game and then kneel on it a couple of times and kick the winning field goal to win by 1 point and lose to the spread. Then the over/under bettors got screwed too. Almost 85% of the money bet on that game, from all bet types LOST. Vegas wins across the board, again. If Rodgers had been instructed to hand off the ball and score, it would have been a huge payout. Can't have that. Here at BVN we completely stay away from the Packers whenever at their house. The officials  appear to fix every game there (the fix on that Vikings game there this year was criminal). Tonight was no different. 2019 has seen NFL officiating change from only fixing big games, to fixing almost every single one. The NFL is quickly turning into Jai Alai. We feel your pain. All we can say is bet less games and choose the ones you bet on wisely. Look at where the money is bet and stay away from betting with the crowd. Here is what Will Brinson had to say on Twitter tonight,  "The NFL refs inability to get basic calls correct are literally the difference between first place and last place for the Lions". We concur 100%. We also think it goes beyond inability, to the point of controlling almost every single game from start to finish based on the money bet on the spread and the over/under. Here is a picture from PackerBasher which I pulled off Facebook. It pretty much sums up tonight's game:


2019-10-13 - Sunday night update. We went 9-4 straight up this week NFL. Losers were KC, LAC, DAL, LAR. Our pick of the week Denver @ -2 was a winner. That makes us 5-1 ATS on our pick of the week this NFL season to date. The line on that bounced around a bit and ended up at-1.5 just before kickoff so I dropped $220 on that and picked up an easy $200. Worth noting here, that was the absolute worst football game I ever watched. Titan drives on the day went like this: punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, int, punt, int, punt, punt, turned over on downs, int. I can handle it though as long as they are paying me to watch it. See you later in the week with our next free NFL pick.

2019-10-10 - I haven't been on here lately. is your freebie of the week. Currently 4-1 on our pick of the week ATS.

Pick of the week --> Denver -2 over the Titans. Titans are a train wreck and Mile High is always a tough place for road teams. It is going to be cold too. Take Denver. Good luck.

Bear with us as we test different daily tickers and website formatting. Probably going to a mobile responsive design somewhere along the line as time permits to set that up.

2019-09-06 - Congratulations to everyone who took our free pick Thursday night. Green Bay at +4  was money in the bank. The final line settled in at +3 so regardless of which Pack line you took, it was a winner. Packers 10 - Chicago 3 Final.

So...what did we learn: Both offenses should have played some pre-season. The game was riddled with penalties, many of the stupid variation. Things like the receiving team holding on kick offs, false starts, delay of game penalties. It was an ugly game in Soldier Field. The Bears managed to dig themselves into a 1st down and 40 yards to go situation that was all self inflicted. That is how bad it was. 

According to the analysts it was a night of excellent defense. Aaron Rodgers was thrilled with their defensive play. At times, yes, the defenses made some big plays. What I saw was 2 teams that either play a heck of a lot better or they will be battling for 2nd and 3rd place in the NFC North.

Trubisky looked awful all night and his much vaunted receivers managed to drop 3 balls after the network had just finished bragging about how the Bears had only dropped 10 balls, as a team, in the entire 2018 season. It is remarkable how often that happens. Trubisky was over-throwing, under-throwing, shooting rockets into outer space all night. The Bears just couldn't get anything going. Their run game was no better.

The Packers did a much better job overall. Their defense didn't have to bend all night. They also had some key sacks late and a nice pick in the endzone.

It was your typical Packers-Bears games (Aaron Rodgers team wins). Packers are sitting pretty with 5 of their next 6 games at home. The Pack better win most of them because the road gets much tougher after that stretch.

I am going out on a limb here and taking the Vikings to win the NFC North this year. Their offensive line, tight ends and receivers are all better than the Bears or Packers. Defensively all 3 are pretty good although, the Vikings are a bit weak over the seams on pass plays (Barr & Harris).


2019-09-04 - This week's free pick: Take the Packers at +4. Do it today. The season starts tomorrow (Thursday night). Good luck from the BVN team.


2019-08-31 - NFL season free pick for week 1 will be published this week, before the start of the season. Bet with us and watch your winning percentage improve.


Our overall NFL straight up records will be posted for the entire 256 game NFL season during 2019.


Our ATS record will only include the games we pick (usually 4 per week). We don't play them all. We play the ones with the best chance to put money in our pocket.


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